Kara's Instruction Book Videos

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More Videos

We've posted a few videos below featuring what Kara's been doing in the world.

Kara Barnard's Silver Strings at the Salem Public Library

In the winter of 2018, through support of the National Endowment for the Arts and the Indiana Arts Commission, Traditional Arts Indiana partnered with Kara Barnard to host a Silver Strings program at the Salem Public Library. Washington County has a strong tradition of music making, and in the past thirty years, the mountain dulcimer has become popular in the region and are commonly seen at community jams. Kara uses the dulcimer to help older adults improve their social engagement and general wellbeing.

Learn more about Kara's Silver Strings by clicking here.

Femmes Blu Festival

Trailer for the 2010 Femmes Blu Festival, a night of the blues featuring an all female band with Kara on guitar.

Bing Futch's Podcast "Dulcimerica" Episode #89 featuring Kara

From the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky (2008) - a look around the park and Kara Barnard's performance and reaction to Bing's set.

Kara and Jamie Anderson playing "Your Mama Scares Me"

Jamie Anderson and Kara Barnard perform Jamie's song "Your Mama Scares Me" live in concert. This concert was presented by Charlotte's Web at JustGoods Listening Room, November 15, 2008, and Recorded by Snapshotmusic.


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