Little known fact:  Kara Barnard's been creating visual art longer than she's been creating music, and as one might expect, she's really good at it.

Below you'll find just a few examples of Kara's work.

All projects are created to your specifications and delivered promptly. For a quote or to discuss your next project, please contact Kara.


Map in Progress

Kara calls her unique hand-drawn maps "cartoon cartography." She has created them for several Indiana locations including the cities of Nashville, Bloomington and Bedford. Finished size for maps varies, but most are around 2' X 3'. The detail below is from the map commissioned by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Detail of a Nashville, Indiana Map

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cd cover art

Fret Hoppin CD Cover   The Water's Edge CD Cover   Brown County Waltz CD Cover

People have been remarking on Kara's CD covers for years and most don't realize the work is her own.

Kara's drawings are accurate yet charming and warm. Kara is available to create CD cover art for your next project. Simply contact Kara with your ideas to get more information and pricing.

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book covers

Here's what author Jennifer Layton said about the book cover Kara created for her collection of humorous essays "Trap Door Confessional":

Kara nailed exactly what I was looking for. She put it in the mail and I went and got it at the PO Box this morning. When I opened it, I thought I would faint...
Book Cover - Trap Door Confessional

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Weed Patch Music Company Sign

Having a sign hand-crafted for your business underscores your unique indentity.

Kara's compelling hand-painted signs encourage visitors inside your business. The charm and simplicity of her signs let potential customers know your establishment is a place where people take the time to interact, a place where details, and visitors, are not taken for granted.

Giant Banjos
Kara creates signs of any shape and size imaginable.

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more art

T Shirt Designs
t-shirt designs

Weedpatch Mural
mural paintings for businesses

Murals for childrens Rooms
mural paintings for kid's rooms

Business Artwork
Business renderings and logos can be used for letterhead, gift certificates and
website mastheads.

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