’09 April

Things that made me laugh in March:

My 4 year old nephew told me that I needed to practice before he would play with me again.

One of my favorite ‘old shredders’ Jan Halladay, praised me for counting her into a song correctly.

A young student told me that he took his friends out to ride the mountain bike trail in the park and one of them threw up. It doesn’t matter if you’re 47 or 10, mountain biking is hard.

I went backpacking once again in freezing weather. I lost my reading glasses and my face mask. My head was cold all night and I couldn’t see. The cold kept me awake along with the feeling that something was choking me. I woke up the next morning and found my face mask. It was wrapped around my neck.

The blank look on a student’s face when this happened: I taught him how to do an open tuning on the guitar. I sat my guitar down, lectured for a few minutes only to pick it back up and not remember how or why it was tuned to an open tuning.

I tried to read my Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh books on meditation and stillness in a busy laundry mat.

I arrived at my Danville, Indiana venue early this past Saturday only to discover their family dollar store was having a clearance sale.

So what does this short ramble have to do with your music? The next time you find yourself beating yourself up with all of your old worn out excuses as to why you’ll never be the musician you want to be – take a close look at your ego and have good laugh. The next time you have issues with someone in your band, an agent or venue owner remember this: Lao Tzu said, “He who feels punctured, must be a balloon.” And finally one of my favorite personal lessons to date: Nothing is ever already so cheap that it can’t be put on clearance