’09 May

Without elaborating, the month of April changed me.  I have started writing this ramble about 20 times over the past few weeks and have not been able to wrap it up.

I traveled to South Carolina twice, spent a restful night in North Carolina in the back of my truck, saw my sister on stage in Charleston, saw my 17 year old cousin sing his bottom off in Indianapolis, saw his sister play a very convincing Rastafarian mole, was one of ten people in a room of 380 to be singled out by psychic John Edwards, was very proud of my shredders, played the Palmetto Acoustic Series, purchased an old wringer washer that I’ll now be doing all my laundry in, finally trimmed out my kitchen, taught Wyatt and Chelsea how to meditate, learned that Chelsea will have no part of being told that she cannot go into the ocean, had a long and deep conversation with my buddy, fellow musician and soul mate, Frank Dean, spent a great morning with all of my ‘old shredders’, signed up to spend a few days with Thich Nhat Hahn at a Buddhist monastery in New York this coming October and started my mindful eating/vegetarian experiment.

And there’s more but I’m just going to have to start my memoir.

Isolated Highlight: I put Wyatt to bed last week by blowing sleepy dust into my thumb and rubbing it between his eyes.  We were all eating breakfast my last morning just before I headed home.  Wyatt got really quiet then asked, “BB, could you use your thumb on Chelsea before you leave?”